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„... the goal to see this world better for all humans.“
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Wide collection

We offer a wide range of products.

Ethically made

All products are handmade and ethically made.

Trust & Secure

Secure payment methods, safe delivery with courier companies.


Fill out the registration form here.

After registration, we check the information and approve the account. 

After approval, you are able to log in to the website and see wholesale prices.

Register now.

You are able to make orders directly during the checkout or through your account page.  

Note: the price is not the final, the delivery price will be added. You will get an offer by email.

After a custom request on the website, the entire ordering process will be continued by email.

Available payment methods

  • Bank transfer – we give all information for bank transfer. 
  • Paypal – we send invoices directly to the customer’s Paypal account (Note: 5% Paypal fee will be added to the total amount). 

After payment, we ship the order and give the tracking number. 

Delivery price

We count delivery prices individually for each order. After the checkout, we check what products we have from the request. Then we count the best available price for delivery. The final offer is sent by email.

Delivery methods

Orders are shipped with courier companies: FedEx, UPS, DPD, Omniva, Raben and others. It is safe and fast delivery.


All items are safely packed into cardboard boxes with padding.  

Are our products handmade?

Yes, our products are made in our factory in Morocco.

Are our products ethically made?

Yes, we do not violate human rights and freedoms, we try to help our employees and provide all the necessary guarantees.

Where are we located?

We are located in Lithuania from where we ship all orders. But all the products are made in Morocco. Path of the products: Morocco – Lithuania – All other countries.

From where is Selenite? 

Selenite is from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.